Plans for new cruise line from Cozumel to Havana, Cuba in the works


It could be in October 2022 when the Spanish company ” Atlantic International Cruises SL ” begins to operate its cruise in Cozumel since it is betting on short double Dwelling Port trips, which would generate commercial mobility in the destination.

This was explained by the Vice President of Operations, Captain Gilberto Ponce, and the Executive Director of the company, Henry Yanis, who visited the facilities of the Punta Langosta international terminal, in order to evaluate the arrival and market conditions.

The representative of the port area, Roberto Chami Lizarraga, led the verification tour to later hold a meeting at the offices, in which the possibility of this shipping line operating its vessel in the port was analyzed.

At this meeting, the Vice President of Operations explained that they are betting on a new market niche, through short seven-day trips with double Dwelling Port, which would allow the floating resort to spend the night in the port of Cozumeleño, which represents an opportunity for locals who want to travel, as well as for other markets who wish to go to Havana, Cuba, without requiring a visa.

According to the information provided, it is intended to take advantage of the Cancun airport facilities for all those tourists who want to combine their vacations between the Riviera Maya and the city of Havana; as well as Mexicans who want to know Cuba; as well as Cuban citizens who want to get to know Mexico (where one of their main activities is shopping) and also long-term European passengers in Cuba, so they can combine their trips and get to know the Riviera Maya.

There is a large market in Mexico of Mexicans and Cubans who can access to visit their families in the other country, who will be able to take advantage of the commercial strength of this country in a variety of products, which until now is only used by air and limited in cargo spaces due to the same characteristics of airplanes, so it is estimated that the project could be successful.

It is expected that it will be in October 2022 when the route will be lively, which would be operated with the concept “Cuba on board” with the boat that will be called “Pearl of the Caribbean”. The cruise liner measures 164 meters and has 400 cabins, seven decks and a capacity for one thousand 74 passengers, with which they will seek to position themselves in a hitherto unexplored market niche.


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