AMLO’s third government report is a logic similar to that of Hitler


In hitler’s mirror

Keeping its proper proportions, what we saw during AMLO’s third government report is a logic similar to that of Hitler. Like the Führer, AMLO has built and sustained his power with the masses. Know its mechanisms, its desires, the symbols that arouse and reproduce it …

In an essay entitled “Hitler, According to Speer”, Elías Canetti analyzes one of the most surprising parts of Hitler’s power: the masses. The buildings that Speer designed and built for him were designed not only to attract but also to reproduce. Repeating the concentrations and making them grow was, for this empirical connoisseur of the masses, the way not only to avoid its dissolution but to increase the power that its presence conferred on it. Hitler wanted the flags, the music, the contingents marching towards the public square, the long wait that precedes the appearance of the leader, typical of the formation of the mass, to be reproduced, if not infinitely, at least infinitely. huge. Its paradigm was the Kulperberg (“domed mountain”) which, projected for Berlin,

He also knew that to keep that crowd excited, the speech had to be based on the dream of a great morning, of overcoming the misfortunes that his enemies, beginning with the Jews, had brought to the volk (“people”).

Keeping its proper proportions, what we saw during AMLO’s third government report is a logic similar to that of Hitler.

Like the Führer, AMLO has built and sustained his power with the masses. Know its mechanisms, its desires, the symbols that arouse and reproduce it. For this reason, he knows that the larger the public square, the greater his ability to make it grow. For this reason, since he managed to access the Zócalo of the CDMX, he has never left it. It is the privileged place where, by its extent, its power is most intimidatingly expressed. For this reason, already in the Presidency, he reserves it for great occasions. If he could, among the insane projects of his administration it would also be, as in Hitler, to build large spaces. But for this pragmatist of the crowds, there is no need to have a Speer in his cabinet. The power of the media and the breadth of social networks is enough for him. They function both as a public square that magnifies St. Peter’s Basilica a thousand times and as a permanent reproducer of the mass. By repeating every day in the colossal privacy of the National Palace the ritual of December 1, AMLO exponentially reproduces the 250 thousand people that he gathered in the esplanade of the Plaza de la Constitución, to the extent of having a support of almost 70%.

Nothing, however, is more exciting for this power fanatic than seeing a fragment of that masses incarnate in the immensity of the capital’s Zócalo. “I would look out (from the National Palace) – he said the day after December 1 – and from seven in the morning I saw many people already sitting in the square.” Faced with the wonder of seeing the masses summoned by their calling grow, these beings are nothing. Reduced to cells of the imposing animal that as hours go by, its cold, its annoyance, its hunger, its possibility of catching covid, is indifferent. They can always be replaced by others. For the same reason, it does not matter that the country is full of murders, disappeared, burial pits, and corruption, that 35% of the national territory is taken by the power of the drug traffickers and part of the civil institutions by the Army.

This relationship between the reproduction of the masses and him makes each of his companies and his deepest desires are dictated, not by an imperative of “overcoming” as in Hitler, but of “transformation”, imperatives that are linked each. Surpassing yourself is transforming yourself into something better. For this reason, like Hitler, AMLO measures everything in relation to the struggle to achieve it. Whoever transforms defeats his enemies. For Hitler, everyone had to be beaten, starting with the Jews. For AMLO, those who resist the transformation: the “neoliberals“, that is, all those who refuse to assimilate to that fervent masses that acclaim him and calls “the people”: the intellectuals and the critical press, the civil institutions, social movements. In that way, like all paranoid, AMLO accompanies his fight against these dark forces with the delusion of greatness: despite the problems caused by the “neoliberals,” his faith in transformation is so great that no one will be able to stop it. The masses that raises and applauds him raptly – “It is an honor to be with Obrador” – is not only the embodiment of the truth of his transformation. With it, which he will submit to “neoliberalism”, the revelation that comes from his lips will make Mexico return to the paradise from which one day the cursed forces of conservatism wrested us.

AMLO is certainly not Hitler – he lacks his genius and the discipline of the Nazi masses. But it has its psychology and is to be feared. It will not lead the world to war or to the extermination of a race. It will exacerbate violence and injustice in Mexico; it will take them to degrees much more terrible than we are living today. To believe that the elections will put a stop to the Fourth Transformation, that Mexican version of the Third Reich, or that the left will be able to straighten out its intoxicated dream, is not to have understood the horror that we live.

I also believe that the San Andrés Accords must be respected, the war stopped, all political prisoners released, justice for the victims of violence brought to justice, criminal governors and officials prosecuted, the murder of Samir Flores, the massacre of the LeBarón, stop the megaprojects and return governance to Mexico. 

By JAVIER SICILIA Javier Sicilia Zardain is a Mexican activist, poet, essayist, novelist, translator, and journalist. 
He is a contributor to various print media such as La Jornada and Proceso. 
He was a founding member of SERPAJ México, along with Pietro Ameglio and Rafael Landerreche.


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