A future without cigarettes in Mexico


The cigarette went from being a product that was consumed even on airplanes to a vice that is now practiced on the side of the street so as not to disturb anyone. This is largely due to the fact that cigarette smoking damages our health and that of those who breathe the smoke. 

The National Cancer Institute in Italy did a study in which it showed how harmful cigarettes can be for us and those around us. For the experiment, they lit three cigarettes in a 63 cubic meter room with little ventilation to measure the contamination of particles that they left in the environment. 

They did the same experiment with a diesel engine, only to verify that the pollution particles left by 3 cigarettes is 10 times more than that of the engine of a 2002 Ford Mondeo car. If that happens in a room of 63 cubic meters in 40 minutes of exposure, imagine the damage we do to our friends in a pedal or to the environment with each pack we finish. 

As much as smokers want to turn a blind eye, the problem of frequently lighting cigarettes has already reached us. The damage is reflected in the environment and affects those around us. 

What then remains for those of us who enjoy good tobacco in the middle of the afternoon? Well, look for alternatives that allow us to regulate our consumption away from combustion. Here are a couple of options to start changing your consumption habits, towards a future without cigarettes.

Chewing tobacco 

Nicotine gum is one of the oldest fashion alternatives on the market. The problem is that its regular use is not recommended as it can damage your teeth and alter your taste buds forever. 

It is generally used as a smoking cessation support rather than a cigarette replacement. This is because nicotine releases are difficult to control. If you switch to this method, try to keep good control of how much tobacco you are chewing on a daily basis. 


There are several studies that suggest that in randomized controlled trials, hypnosis is a randomized treatment that works almost 95% to stop smoking. And it is no coincidence that there are thousands of blogs on Reddit and videos on YouTube that talk about the efficiency of treatment.

Data from sites like Tripdatabase, Cochrane Library Evidence Based Review, and PubMed show that this method requires a minimum of six months of treatment for it to work. 

While its effectiveness is not in doubt, it takes at least half a year to fully quit smoking. 

Alternative herbs 

Chamomile, mate, valerian, and hops are herbs that you can vaporize with a special vaporizer or ingest in teas to reduce your anxiety levels. This can help your body need less nicotine and thus reduce your cigarette consumption.


Massaging the palm of your hand in circular motions from knuckles to fingertips will help you control anxiety. Although there are no studies that tell us if this method works, massages serve to relax the body. 

If instead of lighting a cigarette, that time is used to release the tension from your fingers, your consumption will probably decrease. Here is a video for you to see the areas on your body that you can touch while doing a massage, in order to relieve the tension of not smoking. 


Vaporizers are an option if you want to maintain a controlled release of nicotine. This way, your transition to quitting will be much easier. In general, the cartridges are sweet flavors, so perhaps the only problem will be getting your senses used to replace the flavor of tobacco with a “tropical raspberry” flavor. 

Electronic cigarette 

Within the electronic cigarette category, there are different types of devices available. Vape devices atomize a solution of liquid into vapor. Heated tobacco devices heat aerosol tobacco without burning it.

Both options are a better alternative to the tobacco burning that occurs in a traditional cigarette. This is a great option for regular smokers. The taste and smell of tobacco remain intact.


Chinese medical theory indicates that human has 14 important meridians that are part of an invisible network that connects the body. They call ‘Qi’ to the energy transported by the meridians to make our body flow in balance. And even though it is a common practice of medicine, there is not enough evidence to say that it is effective. On the other hand, if so many people practice it, it is because it sure is a good placebo effect. To reduce your consumption of cigarettes, at least six sessions are recommended to regulate your ‘Qi’. 

Behavioral therapy 

Delaying the next cigarette, setting a daily limit on cigarettes, keeping a diary in which you tell what you experience each time you smoke, or starting to relate the habit to something that seems unpleasant to you are some of the techniques used in this type of treatment. . Definitely an aggressive method of quitting. 


CBD is capable of activating the histamine receptors that are in our bodies. Histamine reduces anxiety, stress, and irritability. What will help you with the withdrawal syndrome?


Yoga is a physical exercise that goes a long way to reduce stress and can be a good option for skipping the morning cigarette. The cobra position serves to stimulate the lungs by allowing them to expand. Another very famous one is the Bow pose, which helps expand your rib cage and allows better blood circulation to your heart and lungs. Here you can see how to do them. 

Source: vice.com/es

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