AT&T Beats Carlos Slim; will begin deployment of its 5G network in Mexico


AT&T inaugurated a 5G innovation laboratory, a space to contribute to the development of an ecosystem that accelerates its use.

The AT&T company will begin the deployment of its 5G network in Mexico in order to have coverage in the main cities of the country, said its general director, Mónica Aspe.

In a press conference, she assured her objective is that the benefits of this new era of connectivity really go very far and expand the network in the national territory.

“ AT&T has started the deployment of 5G in Mexico, we are going to continue promoting connectivity that positively impacts the development of our country. In the next 3 years, we will continue to deploy these 5G networks, starting with the main markets in the country ”she stated.

At the same time, they inaugurated the new 5G innovation laboratory, a space to contribute to the development of an ecosystem that accelerates the use cases of this mobile technology, which will benefit Mexico and other emerging economies.

For this, the company will work in collaboration with industries, governments, universities, startups, and large corporations in the realization of prototypes that use 5G technology to improve business models with safer, faster, and more efficient connections.

In this sense, Nicole Rodríguez, chief technology officer of AT&T Mexico, pointed out that they will start with the high-demand areas because the 5G network is built on the basis of LTE.

“What our users demand the most is capacity, on that we are going to share it and enable part of it, so that users who already have devices can experience what the 5G network is”.

She explained that it will be opened to the extent that this technology is demanded, so they will be in the main cities for the next 3 years.

“But that falls short because we still don’t have a pulse on demand. (…) What we see is that with the ecosystem we are going to accelerate all this, not only AT&T is enabling the network ”, he said.

In this sense, the directive considered that one of the problems is that the devices are very expensive and must be lowered in price to be more accessible.


Mexico Daily Post