1st hand account of a tourist extending expired visa in Oaxaca



By Shanika Malcolm

Hi everyone. I see a lot of people asking about extending their visa & a few have messaged me to learn more. I been here since May 21st, mine expired on November 16th and I was able to extend without leaving. I went down to immigration and asked what the process was. Here it is:

So I went to immigration and just asked if there was a way to extend my visa and there was. They told me what I need to do and I was able to get it done.

They told me what I needed and to bring it all back the day after my visa expired.

If you wanna do this process, I need to send the letter, as it is formatted in a certain way, you just edit and all your info and we’ll as web link to form to complete and fill out.

You can find an immigration consultant to help with the process however it’s not necessary. If you like me, I’m a DIY type when possible and it saves so much money.

If you do appreciate this info, you are welcome to show some love and make a donation to my family.

If you want the letter format and internet link, message me and I will email you. Blessings!

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