Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala “The Land of Mushrooms”


You don’t have to travel to Oaxaca to enter the Fungi Kingdom. Less than two hours from Mexico City there is a place where you can observe the most incredible species of mushrooms: Nanacamilpa, in Tlaxcala.

Nanacamilpa de Mariano Arista is a municipality in Tlaxcala in south-eastern Mexico.

Elevation: 2,727 m | Area: 97,862 km²

This town, whose name means “Land of Mushrooms” in Nahuatl, is internationally recognized for guarding the Sanctuary of the Fireflies. And right there, when the glow of these beetles fades, a world full of color and textures emerges, which remains alive until December.

The humid forest is dressed in various fungi: edible, toxic and hallucinogenic; from the classic mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus) to the “Mario Bros” type (Amanita Muscaria).

To admire the beauty of that Fungi Kingdom, certified guides who have acquired their wisdom from generation to generation designed a walk to take visitors to collect them, although first you have to delight in “The Awakening of the Forest.”


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