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Walmart Mexico enters the gas station business: it will put stations outside its stores

The Walmart chain and the Gazpro company teamed up to install gas stations in supermarket parking lots.

The Walmart supermarket chain and the Gazpro company signed a plan to start up new gasoline service stations that will be in store parking lots.

According to the chain, the gas stations would be in the formats of Bodega Aurrera, Mi Bodega Aurrera, Sam’s Club, Walmart Express, and Walmart Supercenter, throughout the country.

“The main objective of the plan is to offer customers and partners the convenience of being able to load their car with gasoline in the same space where they can make their purchases, with the highest level of care, safety and quality,” he said.

He also specified that the new gas stations will be designed, developed and operated by Gazpro and will be supplied with gasoline supplied by Pemex, through the sub-licensed brand model for the sale of Pemex products.

Meanwhile, the operation and maintenance of the stations will be carried out with the most modern practices and technologies in the industry, in accordance with the commitment of both companies to care for the environment, as well as the highest safety for their operators and customers.

Also, some of the gas stations will have convenience stores, operated by Walmart de México y Centroamérica.   

The chain of self-service stores specified that the development of the project is subject to obtaining authorizations and permits from the various corresponding authorities.

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