The memes with which Vicente Fox made fun of AMLO and his presentation in Washington


Since the North American Leaders Summit took place, the former president has consistently criticized the Chief Executive’s participation

Cállate, chachalaca", dice Vicente Fox a López Obrador

Despite the fact that several days have passed since the North American Leaders Summit (CLAN) was held in the capital of the United States, in which the Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ), the former President Vicente Fox Quesada has not stopped sharing his opinion before the intervention of the current Chief Executive.

After having classified him as “a true neoliberal” and an “authoritarian” president, Fox Quesada once again attacked López Obrador, however, this time I did not occupy many words, as the former president shared a meme which compared the attitude of the Chief Executive before and during his visit to Washington, D. C .

In the upper part of the image, López Obrador is seen in his usual morning conferences, while in the lower part the Tabasco man is seen during his meeting with the US president, Joe Biden.

“ Challenging and criticizing the USA. In the USA ”, reads the meme that Fox Quesada shared through his official Twitter account.

(Photo: Twitter / @ VicenteFoxQue)

On November 18, AMLO met with his American counterpart, Joe Biden, and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Regarding his meeting with President Biden, the Chief Executive highlighted the desire to strengthen the economic integration of North America, the respect with which the Americans preferred not to refer to Mexico as “the backyard” and the utmost importance of the Free Trade Agreement for the development of the country.

The US president mentioned that the high-level dialogue has been relaunched, where issues such as control of the health pandemic by COVID-19, inclusive economic recovery, and migration will be addressed.

“Mr. President, we no longer use expressions like ‘our friends from the south, but we are talking about our peers, our countries are on an equal footing,” he commented.

President AMLO thanked Joe Biden for stopping considering Mexico as “the backyard” (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

AMLO celebrated Biden’s immigration reform initiative to regulate about 11 million Mexican migrants residing in the United States, for which he called on the parties of the US Congress to receive all possible support.

“We are going to follow up on this initiative that benefits millions of migrants and Mexicans who live and work honestly in the United States. It is an initiative, among other things, with a social dimension ”, expressed the Chief Executive Officer.

Once the three leaders were together, it was highlighted that in the statements of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, he assured that Mexico and Canada are close partners and maintain an economic relationship that creates jobs and growth for the two countries.

Justin Trudeau highlighted the relationship between Mexico and Canada (Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

” Let’s continue working together to promote reconciliation and other shared priorities,” he shared on his official Twitter account.

For his part, the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard boasted an agreement to launch ” Sembrando Oportunidades “, a program whose scope in investments plans to benefit 540 thousand people in Central America.

“The US is going to invest in a program that will probably be called ‘ Sembrando Oportunidades’, which is the answer to what President López Obrador has been proposing, with respect to Central America mainly and southern Mexico,” he said. the Mexican chancellor.

According to the official, this program will be implemented by 2022, although the amount that the Joe Biden administration will allocate has not been defined.

Previos Fax criticism of AMLO

“You have become the mockery of everyone,” Fox tells AMLO by letters to the Pope and the King of Spain

Through his Twitter account, former President Vicente Fox has shared several memes that mock President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s request to the Government of Spain and the Vatican to apologize for the atrocities committed in the Conquest of Mexico 500 years ago.

In response, some social network users reminded Fox Quezada of his painful incident with Fidel Castro and the famous “dinner and go”; while others agreed with the publication of the PAN.

Former President Vicente Fox assured that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has become the “mockery” of the whole world due to the letter that the Tabasco man sent to the Government in recent days from Spain and the Vatican to apologize for the atrocities committed in the Conquest of Mexico 500 years ago.

Through his account Twitter, the former president PAN has shared several memes that make a mockery of the request of Lopez Obrador, accompanying themselves with harsh criticism of the letter prepared by the tabasqueño.

In response, some social network users reminded Fox Quezada of his painful incident with Fidel Castro and the famous “eat and go”; while others were in accordance with the publication of the PAN.

Since the beginning of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador administration, Vicente Fox has been one of its main critics and opponents; That is why the former president has not stopped questioning the President’s decision to apologize to the Vatican and Spain.

In another of his publications, Fox Quezada questioned the President for his decision, reminding him of his Spanish origins.

“What a shame Lopez. Have you already forgotten your Spanish blood? Your grandfather the ‘baturro’ of Cantabria. What will your ‘Chidos’ say? ”He asked in one of his publications.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a letter to the King of Spain, Felipe VI, and Pope Francis asking for forgiveness from the original peoples of Mexico for the massacres and imposition during the Conquest.

“I have already sent a letter to the King of Spain and another letter to the Pope so that an account of grievances is made and native peoples are forgiven for the violations of what is now known as human rights. There were massacres, impositions, the so-called Conquest was made with the sword and the cross, the churches were built above the temples. Well, our national heroes, the fathers of our country, [Miguel] Hidalgo and [José María] Morelos were excommunicated, ”López Obrador said this afternoon in a video broadcast from Comalcalco, Tabasco.

“We are going to reconcile but first let us ask for forgiveness. I am also going to do it because after the colony there was a lot of repression against the native peoples. It was unfortunate what happened with the extermination of the Yaquis, the Mayans, even the extermination of the Chinese in the midst of the Mexican Revolution, since the Porfiriato. So we have to ask for forgiveness and that 2021 is the year of historical reconciliation, “he added.

The Head of the Federal Executive also recalled that 2021 will mark 200 years of the Independence of Mexico, 500 years of the fall-taking of Tenochtitlán; 700 years since the founding of Mexico City “so that the year 2021 has to be the year of reconciliation.”

This afternoon, the President will lead an act in the municipality of Centla to commemorate 500 years of the battle of the Spanish against the resistance of the Mayan-Chontals.

Previously, El País reported that the letter to the King of Spain was addressed to the Foreign Ministry of that country, whose authorities have not replied. The newspaper specified that the apology is the way that López Obrador sees to achieve a full reconciliation between the two nations.

The letter was sent as part of the celebration in 2021 of the 500 years of the fall of Tenochtitlán and the 200 years of the independence of Mexico. According to El País, the leader of the Executive maintains that the commemoration should be carried out with a reconciliation with Spain and make 2021 become the year “of the great reconciliation between Mexico and Spain.”


The Government of Spain deeply regrets that the letter that the President of the United Mexican States, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, addressed to King Felipe VI on March 1, has been made public, the content of which we reject “with all firmness”.

In a note sent to EFE, the Government considers that “the arrival, five hundred years ago, of the Spaniards to present-day Mexican lands cannot be judged in light of contemporary considerations.”

He adds that “our brother peoples have always known how to read our shared past without anger and with a constructive perspective, as free peoples with a common heritage and an extraordinary projection.”

Likewise, the Government of Spain “reiterates its willingness to work together with the Government of Mexico and continue to build the appropriate framework to intensify the relations of friendship and cooperation existing between our two countries, which allows us to face future challenges with a shared vision.” .

The Spanish executive responds in this way to the Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who revealed Monday that he had asked King Felipe VI and Pope Francis by letter to apologize for the abuses committed by the Spanish during the conquest of present-day Mexico.


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