“Restaurant Week” in Rosarito will showcase the finest of the city’s cuisine, find out where and when


The much-anticipated event will now run for two weeks, from November 27 to December 5.

To combat the effects of Rosarito’s low tourism season during the winter, the Rosarito Tourism and Conventions Committee (Cotuco), in collaboration with the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), is planning the second edition of “Rosarito Restaurant Week,” an event in which more than 50 restaurants in the town will participate, offering various promotions and discounts for diners so that everyone can benefit.

The much-anticipated event will continue for two weeks, from November 27 to December 5, with special incentives to customers and unique promotions at the various restaurants.

Each restaurant will manage various incentives to attract customers to try Rosarito’s favorite meals, such as lobster. Some will have special prices ranging from 149 to 549 pesos, with combos with regional wines, discounts, complimentary beverages, and even two-for-one deals. Restaurateurs will be able to promote their specializations as a result of this.

According to Leonardo Verdugo, general director of Cotuco in Playas de Rosarito, Iran, this event would establish Rosarito as a tourist and gastronomy destination, making it one of the most popular tourist and local attractions.

 Without a doubt, it is a beloved tourist destination of Baja Californians and Southern Californians. However, it is also a very significant culinary destination, which is why we worked very hard this year and last year to promote Rosarito in the home economy inside Baja California,” he stated. 

On the other hand, Alan Bautista Plascencia, the president of Canirac in the town, stated that many people are still unaware of the outstanding culinary offer in Rosarito and that this is a fantastic chance to promote it and encourage people to visit new restaurants and restaurants.

For more information, go to the Rosarito Restaurant Week website, where you can find a list of participating restaurants, including Lazzo de Tinto, La Casa de la Langosta, El Patio Cantina, Restaurant Puerto Nuevo II, Café Grado 33, Pancake Republic, Roble de Maiz a la Mesa, Las Rocas Resort and Spa, Garage Café, M122, Susanna’s, Races Restaurante Baja Internacional Cuisine, La Guelaguetza, and more.

The origins of RESTAURANT WEEK may be traced back to 1992 in New York City when an attempt was made to promote cuisine by combining it with one of the city’s most significant events, Fashion Week. As a result, a gastronomy week was formed, with 90 restaurants participating. The concept was quickly adopted, and RESTAURANT WEEK is currently held in over 100 locations worldwide.

Restaurants in Washington, Boston, New York, Miami, Denver, Montreal, San Francisco, Panama, Lisbon, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Valencia, and other international cities have hosted this type of event, as have cities in Mexico such as Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, and Guadalajara, among others. Restaurant Week has grown into a global event that promotes local food and the city that welcomes it, owing to widespread popular support.

For more information click on the link www.rosaritorestaurantweek.com

Source: es-us.noticias.yahoo.com, sandiegored.com

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