How does the Tianguis Turístico work?


Tianguis Turístico is the most important event for the Mexican Tourism Industry. It works as a Business Forum based on Pre-Scheduled Appointments between Buyers and Exhibitors

Merida, the city that will host the 2021 edition, invites you to participate in this highly professional event, where Mexico promotes a wide variety of Tourism Products that proves its exellence as a destination.

The City of Merida, in the state of Yucatan, will host the 45th Tianguis Turistico edition, November 16th – 19th, 2021. Merida nicknamed “The white city” due the common color of its old buildings features multiple museums, art, galleries, incredible natural sites nearby and amazing culinary experience and moreover the hospitality of its people. 

Here are some features and numbers regarding the participants of this event:


  • Independent Hotels and Hotel chains
  • Airlines
  • Ground Transportation Companies
  • State Tourism Authorities of the 32 states
  • Over 20,000 square meters
  • More than 600 Exhibitor Companies


  • Tour Operators, Wholesalers, Travel Agents and Tourism Associations
  • Incentive Companies, Meeting Planners, PCO’s
  • OTA’s and Consolidator

Business Appointments

  • Over 40,000 Business Appointments

Don´t miss the opportunity to participate in this 45th. Tianguis edition and:

  • Get acquainted with the huge variety of Tourism products that MÉXICO has to offer at one time, under the same roof
  • Optimize your time using the pre-scheduled appointment system, which allows you to select the Exhibitors of your interest and prioritize your appointments.
  • Make last-minute appointments through the ¨Instamatch¨ system either online or on site
  • Visit Merida and its surroundings.

Buyer Participation

  • More than 700 Buyer Companies
  • Countries from the 5 continents

Merida has fascinating installations that allow accommodating up to 18,000 people, the modern infrastructure of the existing venues is designed to have social and cultural events and business of a national and international nature. Features of the city and state, like its security, its tourist attractions and its connectivity, altogether make it a perfect place to host Tianguis Turistico 2021.


Official venue for Tianguis Turistico

Located to the north of the city, Yucatan Siglo XXI Convention Center, is an icon that reflects the greatness of Mayan architecture. It has a privileged location, 25 minutes from the downtown and the international airport.

No further 10 minutes long from the convention center, you will find more than 5,000 hotel rooms, malls , restaurants, haciendas, cenotes, archeological places and more activities that will let you experience the city in all its glory.


Opening Ceremony

Yucatan International Congress Center, started operations in 2018 and is located in the “Convention District”.

It is located just 20 minutes from the Merida International Airport, and close to the emblematic Paseo de Montejo.

With more than 2,000 available rooms, within a 600-meter radius, guests can enjoy the hall of the city downtown, which offers an extensive cultural program, 365 days a year with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, museums and more entertainment.