Did you know that a gingerbread house exists in Merida? (video)


Meet her beautiful home

It is in the southeast of the Mexican Republic, specifically in the San Damián neighborhood, in Mérida, where the gingerbread house is located.

This is a house that, thanks to its colored lights and traditional Christmas decorations, turns out to be very similar to a gingerbread house.

Mario Avilés has more than 10 consecutive years making Christmas one more show.

In the company of his brothers, he is in charge of transforming his house into a dream place.

This house lights up and fills with fantasy.

Every year hundreds of families enjoy the color and take the opportunity to take photos.

Thanks to the diverse decoration that it has, this place is known as the gingerbread house.

Inflatables, gingerbread men, candy windows and doors, gifts, lights, and a cookie roof are some of the decorations.

In addition, it has a 7-meter high pine which is guarded by two nutcrackers.

But the most amazing thing is that each year the decoration varies a little, the same that they make with Styrofoam figures.

Thanks to visitors uploading their photos to social networks, this house went viral.

For months before, Mario and his family anticipate the elements necessary to give life to a Christmas paradise.

Whole days are used to assemble the decoration.

And although it is laborious and tiring work, it is all worth it when visitors are in awe of the show.

If you live near Mérida, or will soon be visiting there, we recommend that you do not miss this fantastic tale come true.

The gingerbread house remains assembled throughout the month of December.

It is located on Calle 19, between 36 and 38 in the San Damián neighborhood, Mérida.

If you take a walk around the gingerbread house, share your photos with us through all our social networks.

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