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Living in Merida’s historic center continues to be a problem with noise

Merida Yucatan.- Noise continues to be a problem that afflicts residents in the center of Mérida, who have turned to municipal authorities to address it.

In this regard, Federico Sauri Molina, director of Urban Development, reported that from August to October he received 25 complaints from citizens against various establishments that are not complying with the guidelines to avoid noise pollution.

He indicated that, of these reports, four have been suspensions due to the fact that important anomalies were found, for which a fine of 25 thousand pesos was applied to the offenders.

“Complaints usually go to some restaurants that have speakers or have live music and carpentry and aluminum workshops. What we have done, regardless of the suspensions, is stop the activity, soundproof. It’s as easy, sometimes, as lowering the volume, “he explained.

Sauri Molina pointed out that it has also been sought that businesses are sensitized about this problem, which is why talks have been given so that they know the regulations on the matter.

He commented that the agency under his charge does not carry out open inspections, although it does deal with complaints and reports from citizens regarding affectations due to this type of contamination.

Source: reporteroshoy.mx

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