Dance in honor of the lady of Mictlán in the center of Coyoacán CDMX


Groups of pre-Hispanic dancers perform a ceremony in the center of Coyoacán in honor of “Mictecacíhuatl”, the Aztec goddess of death and lady of Mictlán (the underworld). 

The dancers, accompanied by a group of eight drums, are surrounded by dozens of attendees at the Hidalgo Garden. 

In the center of the stage where the pre-Hispanic dance takes place, an offering was placed with marigold flowers, incense, and candles, as well as some fruits and the characteristic Day of the Dead bread. 

Most of the dancers dance with bare feet, bells taped to the ankles, and the characteristic clothing of the Aztec people, as well as plumes made of bird feathers. 

The ceremony was accompanied by the smoke of the incense and by hundreds of spectators who once again packed the center of Coyoacán tonight.

Source: Excelsior

The Mexico City Post