Mexico joined “at the last minute” agreement to stop deforestation by 2030 at COP26


Mexico ranks 11th in terms of area with forests, according to Our World in Data.

The leaders of more than 100 countries, which account for 85% of the world’s forests, signed the so-called Glasgow Declaration on Tuesday.

The Mexican government joined “at the last minute” in signing the global agreement to halt and reverse the loss of forests and land degradation by 2030, as did more than 100 world leaders gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, to COP26.

The absence of Mexico was striking because according to Our World in Data, as of 2017 our country is home to about 66.08 million hectares of forest area, which places it in 11th place worldwide.

Mexico was not on the official list released by the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, like other countries on the American continent such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Argentina.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported that Mexico delivered on Tuesday its formal attachment to the call launched for the declaration of forests and land use, a declaration that it indicated was previously signed by only 105 countries.

“It is expected that in the following days more nations will join the declaration, such as the 15 that, including Mexico, joined today,” he said.

It is its most recent update, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change includes 124 countries, including Mexico, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay, among others.

From Brazil to China, through Russia, Indonesia, aand the Democratic Republic of Congo, the leaders of 105 countries, which account for 85% of the world’s forests, were the first to sign the so-called Glasgow Declaration.

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