Rabbit®️, the Mexican startup that is transforming the corner store


Through a wide logistics network, digital products and financial inclusion, they provide tools to shopkeepers for the development of their businesses

The Mexican startupRabbit®️, which has only 23 weeks of operation, seeks to positively transform the traditional concept we have about corner stores to make them more competitive and turn them into the favorite point of sale for Mexicans. 

According to information from ANPEC, in Mexico the main means of supply comes from the “corner stores”, which support more than 3 million Mexican families, consolidating more than 42% of the country’s mass consumption, which represents 1% of the national GDP with more than 15,000 million dollars in annual purchases. 

Through an ecosystem of technological solutions, Rabbit® seeks to strengthen shopkeepers and make them more competitive through face-to-face and digital sourcing, in addition to financial inclusion tools that will allow them make the leap to your business .

With an initial investment of more than 20 million dollars, the Mexican startup Rabbit® will achieve, through its sales force and logistics network, this year reach more than 205 thousand stores in the main states of the country that concentrate 50% of the population: CDMX, State of Mexico, Nuevo León, Jalisco, Puebla and Guanajuato. Mexico is the spearhead in its expansion plan to reach all of Latin America, Rabbit® will seek in the short term to reach new markets.

This is only the first “jump” for the Mexican startup, whose objective is to reach more than 308 thousand points of sale in 2022, launch its Marketplace so that the grocer can place their orders 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and integrate financial inclusion services to position itself as the # 1 ally platform for shopkeepers in Mexico.

“At Rabbit® we seek to strengthen corner stores and make them the favorite point of sale for Mexicans and very soon for Latin America. All this is thanks to a talented team of more than 700 direct and 1,500 indirect collaborators that have allowed us to build solid organizational and operational capacities to firmly advance in the implementation of our business model. ” Comments its Co-founder and CEO Andrés Collazos Palacios, who has more than 20 years of experience in mass consumption companies in Latin America and great knowledge of the store.

Rabbit® is emerging as a business model that will reach all stores in Mexico seeking to generate maximum value for shopkeepers and business partners through 24 sales offices and a solid logistics structure made up of a Macro Center and 26 Distribution Centers last mile through which they will reach the entire Mexican Republic.

As of today, the main mass consumption brands are already part of the Rabbit® business model, adding to its purpose: Contribute to the economic development of the country by strengthening the store, making it the preferred source of supply for the consumer. for its portfolio of products and the services it offers, achieving its growth and positively impacting its community.

This is how Rabbit® seeks through its business model to present a solution that contributes to the transformation of the store in Mexico.

We invite you to learn more about this startup and the great leaps they are taking.


Mexico Daily Post