Canadian tourist tracks down her lost/stolen phone in Chetumal QR


The foreigner realized that she lost her cell phone when she got off a bus

Dogged determination and a stroke of luck! Thanks to GPS, a Canadian tourist recovered her cell phone that she had lost after getting off a bus.

According to preliminary information, the tourist named Marié-Pier told the tourist police that she realized that she lost her phone when she got off a bus that was coming from the state of Chiapas.

As is customary in her country, the tourist made the case known to the police officers who gave her support and accompaniment so that she could retrieve her device.

Thanks to GPS technology, the cell phone was located in the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood of Chetumal.

There, it was possible to find out that a woman found the phone and had it inside her house.

After a respectful dialogue with the police and with the Canadian tourist, the suspect collaborated with police and handed over the cell phone to its owner.

The affected woman thanked the support and accompaniment of the elements of the Tourist Police, in addition to the goodwill of the woman who found her phone?

How do I find my lost cell phone?

If you have an Android device

  • Place the following link in the browser: Then you must access your Google account. If you have more than one phone, click of course on the one you lost. Also, if the lost device has more than one user profile, sign in with the Google account that is in the main profile.
  • Then the lost phone will receive a notification.
  • On the map, you will receive information about the location of the phone. It should be noted that it may happen that it is not accurate. And, in case you do not register any location, you will be able to view the last one dated.

If your phone is iPhone

  • Find the device on a map at or using the ‘Find’ app; In this, select the ‘Devices’ tab to see the location.
  • If the user has already configured the ‘Family Sharing’ function, the cell phone can be tracked automatically, without the need to enter their Apple ID.
  • Mark the device as lost: Activating the option of ‘Mark as lost’ or ‘Lost mode’ remotely locks the phone.
  • Wipe the device remotely should only be used if you no longer want to track the device.
  • By activating the ‘Erase this device’ option, all information will be removed.

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