Trans woman attacked with acid in Guadalajara; hospital denies care


The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office (FE) began an investigation folder to clarify the facts in which a trans woman was attacked with acid on Tuesday night in the streets of the central neighborhood in the municipality of Guadalajara.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights took cognizance of the fact, initiating investigations in order to obtain evidence that would allow the person responsible for this attack to be found.

According to the first data, the trans woman was walking in the company of a friend when they were approached by a subject with whom they started a conversation.

“After a few moments, the person, who was wearing a mask, withdrew a few meters and returned to where the women were, throwing the liquid on the victim in various parts of his body, for which she sought to receive medical attention,” the statement explains. of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office. 

The civil association Unión Diversa de Jalisco reports that the woman has third-degree burns and her health is fair.

One of the paramedics who treated her reported that she has burns on her arms, face, chest, and legs and that the injuries cover approximately 60% of her body, reported the newspaper El Informador.

Unión Diversa de Jalisco regretted that the Santísima Trinidad hospital, located two blocks from the events, denied him medical attention on the grounds that he did not bring identification. Finally, the woman was taken to the Cruz Verde Delgadillo Araujo where she was treated. 

Due to the fact, the association requests “an exhaustive investigation so that they find the person responsible for this attempted femicide attack” and that “the corresponding thing be done with the hospital, taking into account that Jalisco already has a law against discrimination and Guadalajara with the corresponding regulation, no hospital can refuse to treat a person ”. 

There are no further details on the alleged aggressor, nor has he been detained, the Guadalajara police reported, while the Prosecutor’s Office assured that an investigation folder was initiated for the case. 

The Guadalajara Post