Merida suicide of María José turns into a murder investigation


Mérida, Yucatán. – The case of the young woman who died when she fell from a balcony of the Elite apartments seems to take a turn since family and friends consider her death to be suspicious and affirm that she could be the victim of femicide.

In publications made on social networks, they ask to investigate Daniel B. who was the boyfriend of María RC who, according to the first versions, would have committed suicide after having argued with him.

Now it is known that on Sunday, they had gone to the Shotimilco bar, being accompanied by Erika RC, who would have offered the deceased to go to her apartment to calm down after the lawsuit.

It was in that place, in the early morning hours, that María José would have thrown herself into the void, from the second floor, after having a nervous breakdown. He even used a stroller to push himself.

However, it seems strange to the relatives that Daniel is missing and his family refuses to provide information about him.

In fact, on Monday night the girl’s friends organized the wake at a place near the former trail and the groom did not show much interest.

The subject is a waiter at the La Recova restaurant, as revealed by a cousin of the deceased, on his Facebook account.

The authorities have not provided additional information to the versions obtained at the scene of the events and among those close to the dead young woman.

The Yucatan Post