Over a month of sewage gushing out in downtown Puerto Vallarta


No point in Puerto Vallarta is already exempt from drainage leaks, but it is inconceivable that foul waters are now running in the heart of the City, in the face that is given to tourists, one block from the municipal presidency and the emblematic Parish de Guadalupe, leading to the Fountain of Friendship or the Dolphins on the boardwalk. 

Citizen complaints arrived at CPS Noticias -Tribuna de la Bahía, alerted that for several days these dirty waters gushed out of a register that is located on Zaragoza Street, almost on the corner of Miramar, in the heart of Vallarta, between the Teresa Barba School and the Cecati Cultural Auditorium.

stream is formed that runs down the street, passing to one side of the much-visited temple of Guadalupe and under the Plaza de Armas, forming a pool in the middle of Avenida Juárez. It also happens where the boardwalk begins and outside the Naval Museum, nearby there are cafes and restaurants, being uncomfortable for customers.

In addition to the terrible image that is given to visitors, it is a source of contamination. The foul smells are unbearable. It is also a hazard for pedestrians, as the paving has become slippery. 

Neighbors and merchants along the way say they have reported to Seapal, but they ignore them. They point out that if there is no answer here in the center and tourist attraction, they do not want to imagine what happens in the rest of the neighborhoods.

Sewage spill in Ixtapa neighborhood is one month old

Sewage spill on a street

The residents of Pedro Moreno Street almost on the corner of Nayarit in Colonia Primero de Mayo in Ixtapa live a real misfortune.

For a month they have had a sewage runoff that sprouts right in front of their homes, apparently, it is a breakage of a pipe in the line that crosses that area.

This is a cause of great discomfort since the fetid odors accompany them day and night in this situation that is already a health problem.

The neighbors accuse that the workers are only going to check the problem, but doing absolutely nothing, meanwhile the stinking waters continue to contaminate everything in their path.

These waters make a long journey until they reach the channel of the Los Tamarindos neighborhood where they blend in with the rainwater and the children bathe in them without knowing the health consequences that this may represent.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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