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Tulum’s Giant Sculpture Park opens its doors to the public today Friday, October 15

TULUM, Quintana Roo, (October 15, 2021).- The popular sculpture “Ven a la luz” by the artist Daniel Popper, located in the Ahau hotel and which became an attraction of Tulum, will now be exhibited at another point along with several other sculptures in a space dedicated to art.

The so-called giant sculpture park will open to the public today Friday, October 15.

Photo: (El Quintana Roo)

This will also be located in the Ahau hotel, but no longer on the avenue, but in a garden that would adjoin the beach.

The cost to have access would be three dollars, with which the sculptures would be maintained.

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“Ahau Tulum will also develop a beautiful sculpture garden area with its own entrance with food and beverage service,” the hotel announced on its webpage.

Photo: (El Quintana Roo)

“The sculpture ‘Ven a la Luz’ by the world renowned artist Daniel Popper, will be the centerpiece of this garden,” he explained.

Photo: (El Quintana Roo)


“Ven a la Luz” (Come into the light), by the South African artist Daniel Popper, is a work that has traveled around the world through photos shared by travelers who have visited Tulum, and which was unveiled in 2018 as part of the Art With Me festival.

Photo: (El Quintana Roo)

The sculpture is 10 meters high and is made of steel, wood, ropes and plant material.

Photo: (El Quintana Roo)

Source: El Quintana Roo

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