Mexico Foreign Ministry stops issuing visas for agents and the US shows concern


This Thursday, October 7th, CNN revealed the concern of the United States after Mexico, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico (SRE), stopped the issuance of visas for agents of the anti-narcotics agency, DEA.

And it is that on the eve of the High-Level Security Dialogue, which will take place in Mexico City this Friday, US officials revealed to CNN that our country has not approved any visa this year for agents.

In fact, the officials expressed that this process takes, for a long time, a month but they have been waiting for more than six months, and extraditions to the United States have not been approved either.

This occurs after the case of accusation, arrest, and eventual repatriation of General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda for drug trafficking crimes.

For its part, the weekly Proceso shared the statements of a senior SRE official, who confirmed that the visa delay was due to said conflict.

“There have been stops since General Cienfuegos Zepeda and his approval and renewal will depend on what we agree with the United States government in the High-Level Security Dialogue (DANS),” he said.

“There are 12 visas that are pending and they are for new agents that will replace the 12 that operated in Mexico, the approval depends on the reciprocity of the United States,” explained the senior SRE official under the full agreement not to reveal their identity.

Source: Excelsior

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