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So want to invest in Mexico; Over 125 real estate projects are under development in this colonial city by the sea

Mazatlán is having a good streak of real estate projects, there are already more than 125 in process and new investors arrive.

In Mazatlán there are currently more than 125 real estate developments in the process both vertically and horizontally. The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlán, Roberto Carlos Arellano said that our port, despite the pandemic, is going through one of the best times to invest, despite some difficulties in public services that some country projects present.

Due to the Real Estate Boom, there are already foreign investors interested in Mazatlán, however, until now, most of those who are betting on this sector remain local.

Expats and foreign investors discovering Mazatlan

I assure that thanks to the Picachos dam and soon to the Santa María, certainty is given so that the rolled water reaches all these types of new projects and that they will not be slowed down due to the lack of basic services such as drinking water.

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