Queretaro: Tequisquiapan and Bernal are once again suitable for tourism after rain damage


90% of the rooms available in Tequisquiapan are in optimal conditions to receive visitors and do not represent any risk for tourists.

Derived from the effects of the intense rains registered the previous weekend, the head of the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR), Mariela Morán Ocampo, carried out a supervision tour of the Magical Towns of Tequisquiapan and Bernal where she indicated that the level of risk for tourists is low and both destinations are in a position to receive visitors. 

Morán Ocampo visited various points of the municipalities, among which is the hotel “Cabañas Rancho San Jorge” located in the Magic Town of Bernal, where in conjunction with the Ministry of Urban Development and Public Works (SDUOP) and the State Commission of Infrastructure (CEI), part of the main access that had been flooded and prevented the exit of a group of 79 guests was repaired. 

After this visit, the state official traveled to the municipality of Tequisquiapan where she met with the municipal president, Antonio Mejía Lira, and with the director of municipal Tourism, Janet Lozada Gutiérrez, with whom she learned first-hand the state of the tourist infrastructure. of the Magic Town.

After touring part of the affected areas, it was established that eleven hotels were affected by the rain, however, 90% of the rooms available in the Magic Town are in optimal conditions to receive visitors.

Joint actions between private initiative, government and municipality

According to the head of SECTUR, sanitation actions were achieved thanks to the coordination and communication between the state government, the Boutique Hotels Association of Querétaro, and the municipal government. 

Therefore, Mariela Morán stressed the importance of businessmen being unionized or belonging to an association, body or chamber since this facilitates direct communication and timely attention by the various government entities.  

In relation to this, the owner of the Hotel Rancho San Jorge, Lorena Vega, said: 

“Thanks to the Boutique Hotels Association calling me to ask if we had been affected, that was how we were able to contact the authorities. Thanks to that, our guests were able to return to their homes .

It should be noted that, together with the Secretariat for Sustainable Development (SEDESU), support schemes will be generated and tourism promotion strategies will be promoted that promote the economic reactivation of both municipalities, as explained by Mariela Morán.

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