‘Love and peace’, AMLO responds to Aznar after mocking about forgiveness


President López Obrador said that asking for forgiveness for past mistakes and abuses exalts nations and their leaders.

“Love and peace” was the expression with which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador responded to the mockery that the former president of the Spanish government José María Aznar López made yesterday about the request for forgiveness that the Mexican president made to the Spanish Crown for the abuses of the Conquest and the Colony.

Asked about the position of the former Spanish leader, the President of the Republic indicated that recognizing the abuses committed in the past exalts nations and their leaders, and opens a way to reconciliation and better relations of friendship.

“Love and peace. (We must) understand that we must forgive. Do not forget, but forgive and it is an act of humility to ask for forgiveness; it dignifies who gives it and who receives it. So, it does not affect us at all, I am not going to argue, “said the federal president at a press conference from Morelos.

The head of the federal Executive narrated that the Spanish Crown never responded to the request he made to apologize to the native peoples and, nevertheless, it did cause hate campaigns and insults towards the Mexican government.

“They didn’t think it was because they didn’t answer me, they didn’t answer the letter, what there was a campaign of insults that they shouldn’t ask us for forgiveness, that they came to civilize us, things of that kind,” lamented López Obrador.

Yesterday, José María Aznar López said that the Spanish should not apologize to Mexico for its actions to evangelize America in the past.

“For defending the historical importance of the Spanish nation, the history of Spain, with its light and dark, with its successes and errors, I am willing to feel very proud, but I will not ask for forgiveness,” stressed the former ruler at a meeting of the Popular Party (PP), the main Spanish opposition force of right-wing ideology.

Source: politica.expansion.mx

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