Learn which is the favorite tamale of Mexicans

  • Behind the tamale is the heritage history of pre-Hispanic America.
  • The word tamal comes from the Nahuatl, tamalli, which means wrapped.
  • After Mexico, the United States is the country that consumes the most tamales.

Tamales tell the heritage history of pre-Hispanic America and are part of Mexican culture.

The word tamal comes from the Nahuatl, tamalli, which means wrapped and was a product used for offering ceremonies.

In addition, according to historians, the Mexica were the people who brought food through Mesoamerica, where it is believed to be the origin.

However, in the Conquest, Catholic and pre-Hispanic traditions came together to create what we now know as tamales, according to the account of the evangelizer Fray Bernardino de Sahagún.

What is the favorite tamale of Mexicans?

According to a survey by La Costeña, 31% of Mexicans prefer the green tamale over the 500 different flavors, which according to anthropologist Beatriz Ramírez Woolrich exist throughout the country.

Not only that, Woolrich ensures that there are more than 4,000 different tamales preparations, and currently it gives way to gourmet and vegetarian recipes.

Worldwide, the country that consumes the most tamales, after Mexico, is the United States

A twist with the guajolota in Mexico City

In Mexico City, this typical dish was given a twist. Inspired by the pambazo stuffed with an enchilada – a creation of Puebla – the natives of the capital devised the tamale cake.

In the Animal Gourmet publication, the historian José N. Iturriaga said that the original guajolota is from Puebla and was an evening food; while in Mexico City it is consumed as breakfast. “It’s a 200-year-old treat,” said the historian.

The star dish of the Candelaria day

Although tamales are eaten all year round in Mexico, to celebrate Candelaria day, the star dish is tamales accompanied by atole.

According to a study by Kantar, the occasions of weekly consumption of this dumbbell grew last year: tamales by 15% and atole by 19%. 

During 2020, each week on average 32% of Mexicans consumed tamales; while 17% enjoyed this corn drink, adding more occasions of consumption than in 2019.   

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