Nicaragua accuses the Mexican ambassador of spreading “interference” messages about the country


The Nicaraguan government has accused the Mexican ambassador to the country, Gustavo Cabrera, of spreading “interference” messages about the country through social networks and has warned that this type of action “plays the game” of the United States.

“With the message that you have spread today in Nicaragua, you and the Government of Mexico place yourself in an interfering and meddling position, complying submissively and faithfully with the Yankees, serving them in the role that you have sadly been assuming, as permanent interveners in our own affairs commissioned by the empire, “Deputy Minister Arlette Marenco said in a statement, according to the newspaper ‘Milenio’.

The text also makes reference to the “unfortunate role of cultural, historical and political misery that Mexico plays today when we believed that that human misery and pettiness, that misfortune, ended with neoliberalism, and began a cycle of understanding and respect, with the new government (of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador) of which you are a part “.

Thus, he has called on the Mexican Government to comply with its Estrada Doctrine to put an end to the “unfortunate and unhappy path of tricks and vanities, of servility and lackey, of pelelisms that deny their own history.”

The words of the Nicaraguan authorities take place after Cabrera released a video in which the former president Sergio Ramírez appears along with a text in which he denounces that the “dictatorship of the Ortega family has accused him through his own prosecutor’s office, and before their own judges, of the crimes of incitement to hatred and violence “.

However, the ambassador has downplayed the matter and pointed out that “they are not interventionist actions nor do they intend to generate any conflict” between the parties.


Mexico Daily Post