VIDEO: Family dies buried after house collapses in Edomex


A family of 4, including two children, died buried after the collapse of their house due to heavy rains in Edomex.

A landslide in the community of Zanjilla San Bartolomé caused a family to die buried after the collapse of the house in which they lived located in Villa Guerrero, Edomex.

The events occurred on Tuesday, September 7, when the rains softened a wall due to the rains that occurred in the region that led to floods in several regions and states of Edomex such as Ecatepec and Hidalgo.

The collapse of the house that caused the death of the four members of a family, was reported to the authorities by the residents of the area, who asked for help and support from heavy machinery to try to rescue their neighbors alive.

There are two children among those killed by landslide

After the collapse of the fence, the family made up of a man, a woman and two minors, died buried inside their house.

They are a 45-year-old man, a 35-year-old woman and two minors, 11 and 5 years old, who were trapped in the rubble of their home, reported El Universal.

Civil Protection (PC) personnel were transferred to the site and, after assessing the risk, began the debris removal work.

Hours later they managed to rescue the lifeless bodies of the four family members who died after the collapse of their house in Villa Guerrero, Edomex.

Until Tuesday night, the removal of dirt and debris continued, while elements of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico carried out the corresponding procedures to initiate an investigation folder.

The Mexico City Post