The arrival of cruise passengers rejoices Progreso Yucatan merchants


The arrival of the “breeze” cruise ship with more than two thousand passengers and generated good sales to service providers and merchants

PROGRESO, Yucatán.- Experience Progreso on a good day of cruising as a result of the excellent weather, intense heat and fresh breeze on the coast, conditions that gave foreign visitors the opportunity to enjoy the place. 

Yesterday morning, the “cruise ship Breeze” arrived at the port of Progreso with a total of 2,285 passengers and a crew of 1,380 people, of which a good percentage of the walkers went to visit the areas near the center from the municipality to later meet in the area of ​​the boardwalk and enjoy the beauty of its beaches and the sea. 

Once in the place, the foreigners were attended by service providers and merchants, enjoying massages, rides in aquatic vehicles, palapa and chair services as well as food and drinks. 

For their part, the Police remained vigilant aboard the motorized units in the streets of the boardwalk and on the beach the rescuers were in charge of the care, who remained aware of the situation in the event of any event that might occur. 

According to a survey carried out among restaurant workers at the site, after the end of the holiday season, they hope that cruise days and weekends will end up being beneficial for their businesses, and they await the arrival of national holidays and other celebrations of their own. of the last months of the year, a period in which they expect to have excellent sales.


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