Is it a sign? They capture rare red light in the sky of Oaxaca


In Oaxaca, users of social networks reported a rare red light captured in the night sky of the Isthmus that aroused the curiosity of the inhabitants. The phenomenon was shared in various photographs, which positioned the entity in the trends of this Monday and Tuesday .

Rare light in the Oaxaca sky

Several people in Oaxaca have shared images of a strange phenomenon in the sky, where they appreciated a red beam of light in the middle of the night. In social networks, a series of images about the appearance of red light in the sky in the Isthmus of Oaxaca region went viral .

Some viewers decided to take pictures of the phenomenon; However, many people were frightened to believe that it was a divine message, some paranormal signal or even an alien invasion.

According to the first testimonies, this beam of light appeared during the rains in the region last Monday night, and could be observed in the municipality of Ixtepec. The inhabitants of that place pointed out that in the middle of the darkness, an intense red light appeared in the sky that seemed to approach the Earth.

The alarm spread quickly and several witnesses took pictures of the alleged fireball. Some believed that it was space junk; others thought it was a decomposing meteorite that had impacted the atmosphere or some other unidentified celestial object. However, neither of these hypotheses would appear to be correct.

What was the rare red light that was seen on the Isthmus of Oaxaca?

The Nicolás Copérnico Astronomical Society, made up of students from Oaxaca, made a publication on their Facebook account where they explained that this strange light could be due to a phenomenon called “red sprites” or “red spectra”, which occur during intense electrical storms.

This phenomenon causes this effect since it is an electrical discharge that sometimes takes the form of a large jellyfish. They were first detected on camera about 30 years ago and are difficult to see because they do not occur in all storms. Since their discovery, they have fascinated scientists, who do not know exactly what is the cause that generates these events.

Sprites are believed to arise from a positive ray, much more dangerous and less frequent than negative ones. A positive ray forms in the upper part of the storm clouds, called “the anvil”, where there is a high concentration of positive charges. For this reason, they usually generate an electrical current of greater intensity, which causes the color red.

For years, according to the Society, this phenomenon was associated, due to its rarity to observe, with omens of death, chaos or destruction, however, scientific advances have determined that it is simply a natural phenomenon due to the rains and storms in the atmosphere.


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