Earthquake Sunday: 4.5 magnitude earthquake shakes San Luis Potosí


On Sunday, September 5th, several states the Mexican Republic suffered earthquakes, which although they did not put the population at risk, they did get a good scare, because we are in a particular month in this regard. 

Apparently, the day ended with a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in San Luis Potosí. Its epicenter was 15 kilometers southwest of Santa María del Río and caused alarm in several metropolitan municipalities, especially the capital SLP and the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, which are the most densely populated, although no damages are reported.

The earthquake occurred at 9:31 p.m. this Sunday and was also felt in municipalities such as Villa de Reyes and Zaragoza.
In the state capital, they report causes of objects, window vibrations, and alarm among the population; To the north, residents of the Industrial Aviación colony report cracks in the walls and creaking roofs.

Residents of San Luis Potosí told the Mexico Daily Post they have lived in the state for over 40 years, and it eas the first time they feel an earthquake there.

It should be mentioned that it is the fourth earthquake in the border area of San Luis Potosí and Guanajuato in the last two days and the second in the municipality of Villa de Reyes.

Earthquake sunday

An hour before the National Seismological Service ( SSN ) issued its alert, it had already reported that an earthquake had been registered in Guanajuato, the second of the day since the first was recorded at 06:07 and the second at 21:31. Both with an epicenter in  San Felipe Baja California. 

However, the first earthquake of the day was felt in  Baja California Sur, at 03:42 in the morning, with a magnitude of 5.3. In all cases the authorities did not report damages or injured persons.