“Hurricane Nora” leaves over 210 mm of water in Mazatlán; the rains will continue, warns Civil Protection


Mazatlan Sinaloa. Streets, houses, and some towns are reported flooded as a result of the heavy rains generated by “Nora” and that caused the overflow of streams and rain channels

The local emergency care committee made known in a preliminary way, that in its passage through the coasts of Sinaloa“Nora” left accumulated rains of 210.5 millimeters in Mazatlan until 8:00 p.m. on Sunday; the winds were felt gusting 59 km / h, according to the Meteorological Service Local .

These rains caused flooding in different parts of the urban area of ​​the city as well as in the rural area, for which the Municipal President, Luis Guillermo “El Químico” Benítez Torres toured the city and led the attention given to the citizens.

With the support of the DIF System, three temporary shelters were set up at the UAS Sports Center, the Lions Club and the Western Cultural Institute, where 24 people were sheltered; Another 9 people were treated at the temporary shelter in Villa Unión, with the support of cadets from the SSPyTM police academy.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum announced that the National Guard supported the evacuation of inhabitants in the towns of “La Tuna”, “San Pancho”, “Lomas de Monterrey” and “Tecomate de Siqueros”, in the latter the rescue of a person

He mentioned that in the town of Lomas de Monterrey, Veteran Firefighters treated a male person who suffered a fall, while in Vainillo, citizens refused to evacuate.

Climate: “Nora” leaves 210 mm of water in Mazatlán;  the rains will continue, warns PC

He said that seven reports were also received of cables or utility poles downed or about to collapse, as well as seven trees that blocked avenues or affected homes.

SSPyTM rescues 372 people affected by rains in Mazatlán and report 62 stranded vehicles

Just over 372 people who were affected during the rains registered this Sunday, were mobilized by personnel from the Mazatlán Public Security Secretariat.


According to a statement issued by the corporation, as part of the actions implemented by the Local Committee for Attention to Emergencies, the agents toured streets and avenues to help the population that could not go to work or some point in the city due to the puddles that occurred throughout the day.

Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, head of the preventive corporation, stressed that support was also provided through traffic agents, to drivers who were stranded in various parts of the city.

“On the part of the Ministry of Public Security, we address calls for help, on tours throughout the city and rural areas. We support 372 people who were stranded for various reasons. We took 24 people that we have transferred to the shelters that the DIF has enabled. In total there were 61 vehicles and a bus that was stranded in the Sábalo-Country area, a truck that brought tourists and we continued. We are not going to stop helping the population; We continue to patrol the main avenues, the storm channels; We have been checking the invasions, the most vulnerable colonies, and the subdivisions that we know flood us when the rains come ”, he mentioned.

Alfaro Gaxiola added that the corporation will continue to monitor the so-called citizens in the face of the rains that continue to occur in Mazatlán.

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