Puerto Vallarta boutique hotel collapses another 10-story building in El Caloso is in danger


A building located in the El Caloso neighborhood, in the central area of ​​Puerto Vallarta, is about to collapse due to the force of the Cuale River that has already reached its base, the foundations are on the ground and practically the housing complex hangs from a thread.

The condominium, about 10 stories high, is located at the back of the Cerro de La Cruz, it is a new construction that was located very close to the Ribera and is now engaged in its structural formation.

The building is located between the Caloso bridge and behind the temple of the colony. The name that identifies it is Cuale condominiums. Since last night this building was evacuated by civil protection according to the data provided.

Earlier Boutique hotel collapses in Vallarta; there is a missing person, caught on video

Today the hotel garlands del rio collapsed, located on the banks of the river Cuale

A small hotel, located on one of the banks of the Cuale River on Aquiles Serdán Street, collapsed this morning due to the strong rise of the tributary after the passage of Hurricane Nora through Puerto Vallarta. The building had been partially evacuated but at least 4 people did not get out in time. Three were rescued and one more is apparently missing.

The old building that occupied “La Surtidora del Puente” partially collapsed around 2:15 in the morning. Located on one side of the Cuale it did not resist the onslaught of the waters and part of its structure collapsed. It is currently a small lodging center.

Before, this building was the center of Vallarta commerce. Today it was occupied by a small hotel with a good appearance and a restaurant. At the top lived a couple who ran the hotel. When they realized the magnitude of the problem, they began to evict those who were there, however, there is a suspicion that a person is missing after the collapse.

Witnesses point out that the building was affected, the occupants had already left when a horrible creaking was heard and after that the collapse of part of the building. Exposed were the spaces that were barely inhabited before.

There is a young man, presumably named Hector who apparently did not escape in time and nothing is known about him at the moment. Civil defense elements have rescued three other people from the rubble.

A live broadcast managed to capture the precise moment in which the old Surtidora del Puente building collapsed in Puerto Vallarta.

A reporter from Quiero TV narrated what happened on the banks of the Cuale River and just when she was about to conclude her broadcast, the collapse and subsequent rise of a dense cloud of dust was heard. 

At the same time, cries were heard from people surprised by the demolition, and those present gathered around the line of protection that had already been established by the competent authority.

A neighbor confirms that it is the old building of the bridge dispenser that at some point in local history was a commercial landmark, the forerunner of the current Lans department store, owned by the Meza family.

Today it is known that in the penthouse of this property there was a family of Spanish origin and one of its members named Curro Prados disappeared among the rubble and the cloud of dust without the whereabouts of the 13-year-old teenager being known until now. .

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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