On Monday, 3.3 million students will go back to face-to-face classes in the State of Mexico


With an orange traffic light and the report of having reached 30,020 deaths from covid-19, the State of Mexico is getting ready for the return to the classrooms of 3.3 million basic education students as of Monday, August 30th.

After 17 months of inactivity and with a scenario-based protocol, the local authorities hope to contain eventual outbreaks in schools.

Currently, the State of Mexico has the largest educational enrollment in the entire country, with more than 4.5 million students at all educational levels. However, on Monday the largest volume of these will return to the classrooms, corresponding to basic education, made up of 3.3 million pre-school, primary and secondary students.

The return to classes occurs in the midst of a still considerable pandemic, since last night 3,242 Mexicans were hospitalized and 37 thousand 501 more have shown symptoms of Covid-19.

Source: Proceso

Mexico Daily Post