Mexican student creates a solution with Artificial Intelligence that improves medical diagnosis

Imanol Daran

Imanol Darán, a student of Engineering in Business and Information Technology at the Tec de Monterrey Campus San Luis, developed FUVE, a technological solution that improves the diagnosis of different diseases identified in medical studies such as ultrasounds, according to the portal of science and technology, ID Agency.

He explained that FUVE allows the studies carried out in health centers to be uploaded to the cloud and thus optimize their resolution with Artificial Intelligence so that the doctor can carry out the corresponding assessment from a workstation or a cell phone where the mobile application is installed. of the platform.

He indicated that FUVE was born as a virtual reality simulator for the training of physicians and thus achieve a better detection of fetal pathologies; however, this exercise helped to collect enough information to train algorithms that today can help make a better diagnosis of various diseases.

Imanol Darán pointed out that with FUVE he seeks to connect the entire medical imaging industry so that it can be within reach of the cell phone because when a study is carried out and forms are delivered, there are usually several problems.

After the first simulator went on sale, the technological solution had a great reception from doctors around the world, so the landscape changed and now the startup aims to transform health technologies. There is even currently a strong international interest in the solution since they have been in contact with different investment funds in Silicon Valley to continue promoting the development and implementation of this platform.

Source: Enfoque Noticias

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