Police officers stumble upon bag containing 35 blocks of cocaine on Tulum beach


Tulum, Q.R. — Agents of the Quintana Roo Police have seized 35 blocks of cocaine they located along the beach of the Tulum Hotel Zone.

Officers patrolling the area made the find on Friday, August 20th, after the passing of Hurricane Grace.

Police reported collecting the blocks from inside a polyethylene sack they stumbled upon at Kilometer 8 of the Tulum Hotel Zone. The drugs have been made available to the Attorney General of the Republic for the corresponding legal and custody purposes.

Cocaine packages washing ashore are not uncommon in Quintana Roo, which serves as a staging point for large quantities of drugs making their way into the US from South America.

Less frequently, traffickers have been known to toss cocaine bales overboard to try to destroy evidence when being pursued by authorities.

Authorities recover hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine annually from Florida waters, this year’s effort boosted by a $70m haul by the US coast guard in February 2021.

Source: RMN

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