Ahome, Guasave, and Mazatlán lead with most crimes reported in July


The most recorded crimes are vehicle robbery, business robbery, home robbery, injuries and family violence; while Culiacán heads the rape alert

Sinaloa.- At least three of the 18 municipalities of Sinaloa are the ones that top the list with the most crimes in red in the Criminal Traffic Light that corresponds to the month of July 2021.

Ahome, Guasave, and Mazatlán coincide with crimes such as vehicle robbery, business robbery, home robbery, injuries, and family violence.

For its part, the municipality of Culiacán shows a decrease in crimes, unlike last month, it went from having 6 red traffic lights to having 1 red and 3 yellow; however, it is Culiacán that leads the highest rate of rape crimes.

According to the Criminal Traffic Light of the state of Sinaloa, in Ahome 3 crimes were registered in red and 1 in yellow, with an increase, unlike last month.

El Fuerte, Angostura, Choix and San Ignacio registered 2 crimes in red.

In the table of municipalities with the highest crime incidence, Ahome presents 5 crimes in red for extortion, vehicle robbery, business robbery, injuries, family violence, and in yellow the crime of rape.

It is followed by the municipality of Guasave with 5 crimes in red for Robbery, home robbery, injuries, rape, and in yellow the crime of family violence.

Although Mazatlán lowered crimes in red, it continues to lead with 4 in red for vehicle robbery, home robbery, injuries and family violence.

Culiacán led the second place in June, however this month there was a drop in the crimes of extortion, business robbery, injuries, family violence, and femicide, although it maintains the red alert on rape; is in yellow for homicide, injury and family violence.

It should be clarified that these figures refer to the number of crimes registered in preliminary investigations or investigation files initiated in the Public Ministry agencies and reported by the State Attorney General’s Office.

According to the Criminal Stoplight statistics, 47 homicides were committed in July; 90 percent from Culiacán, 15 percent from Mazatlán, and 13 percent from Guasave.

There were zero records on kidnapping crimes but 3 on extortion; 5 percent in Culiacán, 4 percent in Mazatlán, and 3 percent in Ahome.

There were 6 incidents in feminine women, which shows a decrease of 52 percent compared to last year; Of this crime, 11 percent is from Mazatlán, 4 from Culiacán, 3 percent from Ahome and 2 from Angostura.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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