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Pet-friendly hotels increase tourism in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

There are more than 20 inns and most of them do not represent an additional cost for the service, reported the Municipal Tourism Directorate

In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo there are dozens of hotels that allow the entry of tourists accompanied by their pets, a plus because many families in Mexico and abroad define the destination for a vacation taking that into account.

According to the information provided by the Municipal Tourism Directorate, in the destination there are more than 20 lodges classified as “Pet Friendly” and most of them do not represent an additional cost for the service.

The President of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels of Zihuatanejo, Rogelio Lozano Calderón, said that it is an important economic sector that is welcome to the destination, also highlighted the importance of facilitating recreation and fun for dogs and cats.

Among the hotels that offer this type of accommodation are: Casa Arcoíris, Catalina Beach Resort, Villas San Sebastián, Real de la Palma, El Pescador, Villa de La Roca, Casa Longinos, La Casa Que Canta, Thompson Zihuatanejo, Embarc, Villa Mexican, among others.

Pets are accepted in the lodges but some rules must be followed: only one pet per room is allowed, they must have the necessary equipment to sleep, they must wear their leash properly tied around the neck in any area of ​​the hotel property, and muzzle in if necessary.

It is important for tourists to take into account that in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo there are beaches where pets are not allowed, so although there are hotels that are friendly to them, they cannot access all spas.

While in Acapulco only eight hotels are “Pet Friendly” missing out on hughe market

Hotels that are integrated into the concept of accepting pets have to comply with many sanitary requirements and it is not easy, says the president of AHETA, Alejandro Domínguez

Leaving home with the family and traveling for a weekend to Acapulco is also thinking about and including the dog, which are considered pets, but in this beach destination, there are only eight inns with the “Pet Friendly” concept.

Only in the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Acapulco (AHETA), there are three hostels where you can come with your pet and pay for their stay as one more member of the family.

In Acapulco, the Princess Mundo Imperial hotels; Pierre Mundo Imperial and the Alba Suite, which belong to Aheta, have the “Pet Friendly” service.

In Acapulco, there are five more inns, which although they do not belong to AHETA, are on the list of the American travel-related site TripAdvisor and are well-rated.

The hotels that accept pets, this Casa Sai; the hotel-restaurant Quinta Karla in Pie de la Cuesta and Hotel y Temazcal Coquis .

In the Golden Zone is the Club del Sol hotel and in the Diamante zone, there is Casa Yamalkaan.

Through the TripAdvisor page among the best hotels where pets are allowed in Acapulco are Princess Mundo ImperialPierre Mundo Imperial, Alba Suite.

The president of AHETA, Alejandro Domínguez, commented that for other inns to join the concept of accepting pets they have to comply with many sanitary requirements and it is not easy.

“There are health guidelines and several things that must be met with the hotel, some charge additional but most hotels charge for the stay,” said the business leader.

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