Pubic Education Ministry (SEP) eliminates commitment letters for back to school


Delfina Gómez, head of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), reported this Wednesday, August 18th, that the letter of commitment from the decalogue for the safe return to face-to-face classes was eliminated.

“Some secretaries told us: ‘You know what, we see that this letter is causing a bit of concern.’ We value it and come to the conclusion that it does not really support us at all. The truth is what we can do is communicate the recommendations verbally, as I am telling you right now, “he said in an interview for Televisa.

She clarified that the letter at no time exempted the SEP, the school, or the teachers from responsibility and its purpose was that if the student had a health problem, the parents should notify the school authorities or send him to a doctor.

This Tuesday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, said that the letter was not mandatory to take the children to face-to-face classes, which will begin on August 30, and that he had not been consulted on the subject, otherwise, he would have been denied.

Source: Excelsior

Mexico Daily Post