Grupo Modelo invests 180 million pesos in Aguascalientes to optimize beer transportation network


Transportation routes will be monitored from the control tower in order to increase the safety of drivers in Mexico and eight other countries.

The beer industry giant Grupo Modelo will invest 180 million pesos for the construction of a control tower located in its Transformation and Services Center in Aguascalientes.

In a statement, the company indicated that this project is the first in the region for AB InBev and that it will serve Mexico and eight other Latin American countries. 

The control tower will monitor the transport routes with the aim of increasing the safety of drivers, by reducing accidents by 50 percent and increasing logistics efficiency by 10 percent.

“The centralized control tower is a clear example of Grupo Modelo’s transformation into a technology company that also makes beer,” said Ana Lucía Rosano, Director of Logistics Transformation.

The Grupo Modelo complex will generate around 200 new jobs and record the trajectory of more than 6 thousand trucks T1 (transportation from plant to distribution center) and T2 (transportation from distribution center to end customer) in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic, through state-of-the-art monitors to project the most relevant indicators for the operation, as well as interactive screens and workspaces.

Source: Milenio

Aguascalientes Daily Post