Foreigner arrested in femicide that’s shaken Cozumel locals


The detainee would have entered the hotel with the woman, where hours later the body was found.

woman in her 30s was found dead inside a hotel after spending the night in a hotel in the company of a foreigner she met in a bar, who has already been arrested as the main suspect of the crime, same as It is not ruled out that it could be classified as femicide.

The woman has wounds in her private parts that possibly caused a hemorrhage that led to her death.

The main suspect is Carlos Alberto N, a Colombian whom he allegedly met at Pablito’s Bar-Mangalitos, located on Avenida Benito Juárez between 75 and 75 bis in the Flores Magón neighborhood.

Confirman feminicidio en Cozumel; el detenido aparentemente es extranjero

The woman, identified as Paola N, entered the “El Ángel” hotel, located at kilometer 3.5 of the Cozumel crossroad, accompanied by the alleged murderer on Friday night.

Quintana Roo Police, as well as the Ministerial Police went to the site, upon arrival they confirmed the death of a young woman between 25 and 28 years of age, 

The subject has already been arrested although he tried to confuse the authorities by stating that he did not know the cause of the death of the female.

Sources within the Investigative Police of the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) announced that after the removal of the evidence at the crime scene, the possibility of femicide is not ruled out . 

In Cozumel this would be the first crime of this type in the year and the second since 2018, when a subject stabbed to death his sentimental partner, in front of his own children.


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