‘Amarres’, the first Mexican series for HBO Max made with magic


Gabriela de la Garza and Hugo Catalán, two of the protagonists of the recently released production, share the details behind ‘Amarres’.

Magic, spells and many ties come to HBO Max. The first original Mexican series, ‘Amarres’, is featured in the company’s catalog to offer us an unconventional story that will introduce us to the world of esotericism from a comic perspective. 

‘Amarres’ stars Gabriela de la Garza, who plays María, a woman who will do anything for the well-being of her children. In the series, the plot will lead us to her acceptance as a witch, a talent that she inherited from her grandmother and that she will put into practice to earn a living. 

The episodes of the first season reached the HBO Max catalog on August 13, where since then it has remained in the trend of users. For the company, adding original productions from different Latin American territories is part of its growth since it arrived in these countries. 

In the case of Mexico, many other original productions are expected to arrive soon, being ‘Amarres’, the series that opens the presence of national talent on the platform to be seen around the world by HBO Max subscribers. 

To learn more about the magic that surrounds ‘Amarres’, we spoke with the protagonists Gabriela de la Garza and Hugo Catalán, who excitedly talked about the project that was saved for almost two years to now see the light as the first original Mexican series of the platform. 

For her part, after twenty years of experience, the protagonist Gabriela de la Garza, found in ‘Amarres’ one of the most exciting projects she has ever done when she was fully introduced to a series where she had to explore comedy to touch unconventional themes in a Mexican series. 

“It is a project of excellent quality, it is a fun, different story that highlights our roots, our idiosyncratic culture. My character Ana is an unconventional woman, but she is also the most common woman in this country ”. 

The production shows a reality little exposed previously. In addition to immersing ourselves in the theme of esotericism and moorings, the series closely follows the story of this woman who challenges the standards of a self-sacrificing mother by creating a profile where she simply lives under her instinct, a representation that captivated the actress from the beginning. 

Hugo Catalán is part of this fun series. Photo: Courtesy HBO Max.

“I have always liked to talk about what remains to be said. We talked about many topics, about the freedom to choose a partner, how to carry sexuality, polyamory, how to educate a son with different abilities, deal with a teenage daughter and how to respect different religious beliefs, even the recreational use of marijuana ” , he stressed. 

With this perspective, ‘Amarres’ focuses on creating new paradigms from the HBO Max platform that on other platforms might have been impossible to project. 

“All these stories are catalysts of reality, they help us interpret it and digest it but if you can’t really talk about things, you can’t tell a story. Amarres is very honest in that sense, ”said actor Hugo Catalán, who plays a boastful man who seeks to take advantage of people, but who will find his redemption in Ana. 

HBO Max Moorings
Gabriela de la Garza explores this comedy-laden project for the first time. Photo: Courtesy HBO Max.

For Catalan, bringing the representation of these stories to a global platform like HBO Max is of the utmost importance to continue generating conversation from our country. 

‘Amarres is a Mexican series that represents a large part of Latin America. We are quite similar, so that people talk about us to talk about our things, our problems and with that freedom that we had with this project. The series will make people think from a feminine point of view of things with a powerful, very fresh message that will connect ”.

Magic as a catalyst

‘Amarres’ makes a representation of the culture that lies in our country to resort to the practices of the world of esotericism. The production exposes the current traditions that are still lived in markets in different parts of the country such as the Mercado de Sonora in Mexico City. 

María, the main character, has a gift that she takes advantage of to survive. Beyond her role, the actress Gabriela de la Garza, visited the Sonora Market in search of learning more about the work that these people do. 

HBO Max Moorings
Photo: Courtesy HBO Max.

“Santeria is in our life, whether we wanted it or not for all socioeconomic levels, it is part of our collective subconscious. I believe in the power of the intention of our energy, I had the opportunity to go deeply into this universe, to get into the corridors of the Mercado de Sonora to learn about the various forms of Santeria. I did everything to learn ”.

The set of themes that are presented in the HBO Max series are accompanied by a characteristic humor. According to de la Garza, the themes are treated in an intelligent way through this genre with a comedy that we are not used to, “a comedy that does not challenge and questions us”. 

Insured entertainment

‘Amarres’ comes to HBO Max to offer us guaranteed fun. The series makes its premiere after a long wait to land at the best moment when what we need are fresh productions that clear us from the still complicated current panorama. 

“The series will be content that is uplifting. After months that we have been experiencing tragedy in a surviving modus, I think we have to look for this type of content that amuses us, that entertains us ”. de la Garza pointed out. 

HBO MAX Moorings
Photo: Courtesy.

In addition to the life of the protagonist, the cast that accompanies her will represent different stories that join with each other to offer a balanced plot. It will be easy to feel recognized with one of these characters. 

“It’s different, it’s fun, it’s going to shake you up. It has the virtue that the story revolves around the life of Ana but that all the other characters do not become satellite, but that each character has a well-defined story and is well constructed and they can reach any type of audience. It is one of the most beautiful projects of my career ”, he highlighted. 

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