Querétaro, a city that celebrates artistic thought and talent at the Hay Festival


The sixth edition of the Hay Festival is approaching, this occasion will be held for free from September 1 to 5, in a hybrid and face-to-face format, which is why it recognized Querétaro as a city that celebrates the thinking and creativity of its inhabitants, and as a city of theaters where there will be a wide curatorship of talent from Queretaro distributed in 27 artists and six musical groups, which have been carefully selected by the Festival and the Secretariat of Culture of the Municipality of Querétaro.

The two institutions are committed to the reactivation of the economy, culture, arts and creative industries through face-to-face, inclusive events for the entire public.

Therefore, there will be the participation of more than 170 speakers, from 19 countries, divided into 87 activities for all ages. The four Nobel Laureates stand out: Svetlana Alexiévich and JM Le Clézio, for literature, as well as Joseph Stiglitz and Esther Duflo, for economics.

According to the Hay Festival team, they could not find a better home in Mexico than Querétaro, where culture is lived through various representations such as classical theater, comedy, literature, discussion forums, legends that live in its streets, or the legacy of many historical figures who built this great city.

Over the years, theaters have hosted all these artistic manifestations, elements that are part of a tourist and cultural route: the City of Theaters Route.

In this sense, it is invited that if the agenda of events to those who will participate in the Hay Festival includes face-to-face ones, they will be able to discover the wonders of the city, as well as the vast theatrical offer that this Route offers.

The Hay Festival invites attendees to take advantage of their stay in Querétaro and experience the essence of local talent up close in the company of family, partners, or friends. Well, you can find stagings with romantic themes, comedies, television parodies, horror stories, and even radio-theater.

Be part of historical places such as the Old Railway Station, a space that will transport you back in time to the golden age of railroad use; get to know the Museum of the City, with its incredible interior design, as well as the acoustics between its walls; or the Cineteca Rosalío Solano, an intimate venue with beautiful architecture, located in the heart of Querétaro.

This Route will take you to meet great Queretaro characters, with the different legends that surround this incredible destination. You will be able to enter the houses that are scenes of the great myths and legends of the city of Querétaro, such as the house of “La Zacatecana” or that of “Don Bartolo”. Feel the magic of walking through the streets of the beautiful Historic Center, accompanied by characters from the 17th and 19th centuries.

Undoubtedly, the City of Theaters Route offers spaces for the imagination through laughter, scares, mysteries and an endless number of feelings that the different spaces will provoke: The Corral de Comedias, the Palace of the Puppets, Comedians of the League, the Basement Theater, the Popular Box, the Theater of the City, the forum La Chimney, or the Legends come to life; among others.

Attendees of the Hay Festival will be able to take advantage of the Querétaro beer route

Thanks to its geographical location and climate, the city of Querétaro has positioned itself as one of the main producers of various cereals, including barley, the main ingredient for the production of craft beer.

Based on data from the Association of Artisanal Brewers of Mexico, the region is among the first places in the production of this drink, and that is why a must-see in Querétaro city is the Route of Artisanal Beer.

From September 1 to 5 in Querétaro, the sixth edition of the Hay Festival will be held for free in a hybrid and face-to-face format, and during the visit to the festival, a great option is to take the opportunity to meet the different hosts of the Beer Route Handcrafted. With around 20 establishments, the options are varied and the styles distinct.

Some of the options are the Wicklow, where you can live the experience of an Irish Pub with live music and national and international offer; Malta Mater, a 100% Mexican signature craft beer producer with six different styles; Fundadores Brewery, with a wide variety of aromas and flavors such as vanilla, honey, coriander, coffee, citrus and cocoa; o Cervecería Hércules, a space that produces a great variety of craft beer, attached to traditional recipes from different parts of the world.

The Historic Center of the Queretaro capital is the epicenter of the Beer Route, as well as being a space with extensive and beautiful architecture, where nightlife is one of the main attractions for local and foreign visitors. It is there where we are offered different spaces, ideal to enjoy with family, friends, or partners. Plan your visit to the Hay Festival Querétaro and take the opportunity to visit one of the craft breweries in the area.

Source: noticiasdequeretaro.com.mx, elqueretano.info

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