In a few years, the boardwalk of Mazatlán will compete with the Miami skyline


Developer Omar Osuna Osuna assured that, in a few years, the Mazatlán boardwalk will compete with Miami, in real estate matters.

When speaking about the real estate development that Mazatlán is currently experiencing, with complexes that frequently outperform each other, he acknowledged that the destination has taken a leap in the urban image, especially on the malecon, on its coastal boardwalk, where the trend is most appreciated.

“It is inevitable that we do not see that the city is growing vertically, it is being detonated in neighborhoods that are very well located and that houses are being demolished and buildings of three, four, or five levels are being made,” he said.

A trend that should not be feared, he clarified, but quite the opposite: it should be favored.

“We are seeing the coastal strip that very soon, in a few years, I do not want to exaggerate, but it is not going to ask anything of a Miami, a situation of that type where the buildings are going to be stuck together and it is not bad, you simply have that joining technology to the real estate issue, trends, and the government, of course, has to regulate, there has to be an openness towards development ”.

And isn’t there a threat of public services bursting with over-demand for departments, businesses, and offices in vertical developments? He says so far no. 

But the former president of Canaco Servytur Mazatlán also makes it clear that this is the commitment of public administrations if they want Mazatlán not to stop its natural growth.

“I believe that Mazatlán has enough water for development, electricity for large developments, it was foreseen, Mazatlán has all the conditions to have a vertical as well as horizontal development, today the land has risen enough in value, in a while five years has doubled or even tripled the costs of land ”.

Omar Osuna Osuna


The Mazatlan Post