Beat Tesla promotes the recruitment of women drivers in Mexico


In the midst of the pandemic, Beat launched his transportation service with Tesla cars, but his plans with electric cars do not stop there; For its CEO in Mexico, Enrique Mendoza, the goal is to be the spearhead company in sustainable transportation and add more units from other brands and democratize this option.

In collaboration with institutions and artists, Beat takes hold in Mexico to show its commitment to the community and urban life.

So far in 2021, Beat Tesla has organized different actions in favor of the community in Mexico where it is already celebrating its second anniversary.

Through its alliance with the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (STyFE), Beat promoted the recruitment of female drivers and has allowed it to include 45 of them in its ranks.

This 2021, Beat also organized its LatAm Virtual Roundtable with the theme: “Women: leaders in technology” that seeks to inspire the young generations to choose a career in STEAM.

The campaign “Tu Viaje, Tu Orgullo” in which the illustrator Mariana Lorenzo collaborated allowed Beat to address the issue of diversity and inclusion; The artist used cars as a means to make visible what it is like to
be part of the LGBTTTI + community in our country.

La Roma, la Condesa, Napoles, La del Valle, Polanco, Reforma and Zona Centro were positioned as the most frequent sites in CDMX for Beat passengers, which compared to 2020 have grown by 140%.

Beat was also present in the last elections, offering a special discount to help Mexicans to go to their voting booth in CDMX, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Durango, Toluca, Aguscalientes and Villa Hermosa.

On International Earth Day, Beat invited Mexico City to join the #BeatEcoHeroes challenge that seeks to minimize environmental impact with a healthier lifestyle; Since October 2020 it has traveled 2.39 million kilometers, which represents a saving of 404,400 kg of CO2.

Currently Beat is available for cities like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Greece; plans to expand to more cities in Latin America soon.


Mexico Daily Post