Videos: Landslide in Puerto Vallarta; hill collapses, hilltop homes in danger


On Tuesday afternoon, the hill in Colonia Amapas collapsed due to a closed construction that is in the place and the abundant waters of the last days. The hill collapsed, and with it a section of Santa Bárbara Street. Other constructions located in the area are at risk.

Although the collapse is spectacular and chilling, so far no injuries or human losses have been reported.

The report made to 911 indicated that a sinkhole had been registered on Santa Bárbara Street, preceded by a short circuit in the underground area and then the hole.

The Municipal Police officers went to the place where they realized that Santa Bárbara Street was cut off, and that it was not just a sinkhole, but that the problem was more serious: the hill was collapsing, for which they requested the support of Civil Protection and Firefighters.

It was announced that in that area there was a closed construction, which caused that, after the heavy rains of recent days, the slope slipped, bringing the street with it and affecting the foundation of a building which was left on the edge of this collapse. .

Due to the existing risk in the area, Civil Protection personnel requested the support of Transit and the Police to evacuate people and not allow access to the area, due to the risk that it would continue to collapse.

Puerto Vallarta Civil Protection and Firefighters personnel are working on-site in coordination with elements of the State Civil Protection Unit, which are assessing the area and mitigating risks.

At the time of the collapse, a foreigner did a live on his social networks, in which he narrated what was happening. Alarmed he says “The whole street disappeared, the base of our neighbors’ house is falling, this is a disaster!”

Other videos circulate profusely; it is evident that the collapse was expected as many people were filming, waiting for the outcome.


The Guadalajara Post