Mexican politicians dying of Covid in the State of Mexico


The elected congressman for the 17th district of the State of Mexico, with head in Huixquilucan, Diego Iván Rosas Anaya, died on Sunday, August 1st; his death due to Covid was confirmed on social networks by the mayor of that municipality, Enrique Vargas del Villar.

Luis Narcizo Fierro Cima, who participated as a running mate, must assume the local deputation in the next Legislature that begins in the State of Mexico on September 5, replacing Rosas Anaya.

Maribel Martinez Altamirano

This is the first case of elected representatives losing their lives. During the campaign, the licensed representative Maribel Martínez Altamirano, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), passed away too, due to Covid-19.

Juan Antonio Mendoza Pedroza

Another of the deaths registered this month was that of the elected municipal president of Malinalco, Juan Antonio Mendoza Pedroza, of the PVEM.

Juan Antonio Mendoza Pedroza, the municipal president-elect of Malinalco, State of Mexico, died on Monday, August 2, from complications due to COVID-19.

Ignacio Beltrán García, undersecretary of government in the municipality of Toluca, was the one who confirmed the death of the militant of the Green Ecologist Party (PVEM), who had been hospitalized and intubated since July 15 for this disease.


Mexico Daily Post