USD-Peso exchange rate today Thursday, August 5, 2021


The price of the dollar today, Thursday, August 5, 2021, is quoted at $ 19.92 Mexican pesos according to the platform. This represents a loss for the dollar of 0.19% compared to the close of the last day.

The Mexican peso appreciates this Thursday pending the publication of non-agricultural job creation data in the United States on Friday, but in a market alert to possible new restrictions due to the rebound in cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

In relation to the profitability of the last seven days, the US dollar accumulates an increase of 0.37%, therefore for a year, it has still accumulated a decrease of 6.24%.

In the last year, the US dollar has reached a maximum of 21.52 Mexican pesos, while its lowest level has been 19.60 Mexican pesos.

Exchange rate

Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks in Mexico and government institutions, the price of the dollar reaches its lowest level for sale with $ 19.9547 on the SAT and the highest at $ 20.90 at Scotiabank, while the lowest on purchase it is at $ 18.00 at Scotiabank and the highest at $ 19.9750 at Banxico Interbancario.

Regarding the euro, it is priced at $ 23.61 pesos, for $ 27.76 pesos of the pound sterling on general average.

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