President López Obrador emphasized that these companies seek to “do business.”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized pharmaceutical companies for vaccinating minors against COVID-19.

“Not being subjected, subject, subordinate to the pharmaceutical companies being the ones to tell us: a third dose is missing, a fourth dose is missing, the children need to be vaccinated. You have to see scientifically if it is necessary. It’s like when you go to buy something, we shouldn’t be consumerists, ”he said in the ‘morning’.

In that sense, he emphasized that these companies seek to only make a profit.

While we often mock US President Biden for accidentally “saying the quiet part out loud,” it appears Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) decided to intentionally turn up the “saying what everyone is thinking” amplifier of truth to ’11’ after refusing to COVID vaccines for children, vowing that Mexico wouldn’t bow to pressure from big pharma.

In remarks made earlier this week, the Mexican leader said his government was still waiting for the scientific community to demonstrate the benefits of vaccinating minors.

No vacunar a los niños durante la pandemia de COVID es cambiar una crisis de  salud por otra | Noticias ONU

Until conclusive evidence was provided, AMLO told the audience (in what has now become a viral, if not very under-reported) speech, that Mexico would refuse to purchase jabs for children; adding that pharmaceutical firms seemed to be focused more on making profits than on ensuring medical necessity as they rake in record sales from Covid-19 vaccines.

“We need to be careful, because, as it is obvious pharmaceutical companies wish to make a profit… and would like to keep selling vaccines for everyone.

But we need to prioritize; we need to know if they’re needed or not.

We need to not be subordinated to Big Pharma dictating to us… ‘we need a 3rd dose’, ‘we need a 4th dose’, ‘we need to vaccinate children’…”

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, affirmed that so far there is not enough scientific evidence that children should be vaccinated against Covid-19, although pharmaceutical companies carry out trials to inoculate them in the short term.

The federal official affirmed that according to the available data, the vaccines aim to reduce the mortality of the infection but not to contain the infection. However, in children, a high mortality, as well as infections associated with the virus, has not been demonstrated.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Mexico will not buy COVID vaccines for children for now, until it is scientifically analyzed if they require it.

This did prompt some rather interesting social media responses, including:


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