Quintana Roo backpedals mandatory proof of vaccination measures


Although one of the new measures was to request the vaccination certificate to enter the establishments, the cofepris clarified that it will not be mandatory

Cancun.- After Governor Carlos Joaquín González gave new extraordinary measures to stop Covid-19 infections in Quintana Roo, among which were presenting the Vaccination Certificate.

Among the provisions: increase opening hours in shops, but reduce capacity

Governor Carlos Joaquín announced five extraordinary measures to promote safe spaces and give people more opportunities to take care of their health, save lives and advance the process of economic recovery.

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The president informed the restaurant sector throughout the state that the closure may be at 12 at night, but the capacity may not exceed 50 percent, as established in the State Epidemiological Traffic Light.

“I say it clearly and loudly: that restaurant or food and beverage establishment that exceeds 50 percent capacity will be closed. On warning there is no deception “, expressed the head of the Executive.

These measures, which are added to the 10 actions to control and reduce infections by Covid-19, are: privileging the use of open spaces and maximizing natural ventilation in closed spaces, upon entering, requesting clients proof of vaccination or proof negative PCR or antigen no longer than 72 hours.

Also that the establishment staff is vaccinated or presents a negative PCR or antigen test every three days, does not allow the access of customers after 10:30 pm, and that the establishments have HEPA filters and carbon dioxide meters, in closed spaces that do not have natural ventilation.

However this weekend, the health authorities clarified that this will not be mandatory and it will be the decision of each commercial establishments such as squares or restaurants, to request or not a negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination to their clients to let them enter; but it should be mandatory for its employees.

In this regard, Miguel Pino Murillo, director of the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) in Quintana Roo indicated that these correspond to the policy of each establishment and what the authorities did was to give them a recommendation on these measures.

“It is a personal decision of each establishment to request negative tests for Covi-19. On our part it is not obligatory towards the public, only its employees ”, he indicated.

Likewise, he explained that Cofepris will carry out reviews in the establishments to verify that they have the sanitary filters that are already established, as well as respect the capacity allowed in each establishment.

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