Oaxaca announces closures of some beaches to tourism


Authorities of Santa María Tonameca, in the region of the Coast of Oaxaca, announced the closure of its beaches after decreeing the red traffic light before the wave of COVID-19 infections that have left at least 10 deaths in the last days in said municipality.

It was reported that tourist places such as Mazunte and San Agustinillo are the ones where more cases of this new disease have been detected, as well as San Francisco Cozoaltepec, Santa Elena El Tule, and San Isidro, among other locations.

Therefore, the Punta Cometa and Mermejita beaches were closed, according to Health Councilor Jony Carrillo Carreño.

Meanwhile, the municipal authority reiterated that there are at least 10 older adults who have died, even if they did not go to get vaccinated against COVID 19.

In turn, in Santa María Huatulco the authority decreed an orange traffic light until August 5, which is why only 60 percent capacity is allowed on beaches and bays, while in the urban area restaurants, car shops service will only operate 50%.

Finally, bars, canteens, nightclubs as well as religious will not be able to provide their services. The authority established fines of up to 17 thousand pesos as well as 36 hours of arrest for those who fail to comply with the measures and 500 pesos for those who do not use the mask.

Source: nvinoticias.com

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